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How To Go To Confession

Here is a short video from explaining what is Confession, and how to confess. In short:

  • It's about reconciliation with God;
  • Prepare you Confession with an examination of conscience;
  • Find out when to go to confession (every day from half an hour before Mass in your case);
  • Go to the confessional, say your sins;
  • Receive an imposed penance and the absolution;
  • Do your penance;
  • Celebrate your being forgiven!

In order to receive the Sacrament of Penance in Amsterdam outside of Mass times, please contact the chaplain.


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  • In the months of July and August we will not study Catechism as usual, but we read Cardinal Ratzinger's  Zur Lage des Glaubens (in translation). Next meeting: September 14. Read more.